About Us

About us 

 ROYAL ELECTRONICS, INC. continues to celebrate its 19 years of excellence as a video Game Distributor. That's almost two decades of experience in the video gaming industry, we believe we are the best company that can assist you with your video gaming needs. We are capable of supplying you the latest video game titles, accessories, and hardware for all video game systems such as : Playstation, PSP, 360, Microsoft XBOX, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Ds, as well as others.

Our enormous warehouse in California, USA processes hundreds of shipments a month with care ensuring the goods get our customers on time and in perfect condition.

We also offer very competitive pricing, a massive inventory and a courteous staff:
  Royal Electronics, Inc. is also an authorized for such publishers as:
American Game Factory     Activision Atari     Atlus
Capcom                               D3 Publishers        Disney
eGames                               Eidos                      Electronic Arts
Koei                                     Konami                  LucasArts
Majesco                               Midway                 Namco
NC Soft                                Sega                      SNK
Sony                                    Sony Online          Square Enix
Take 2                                  THQ                       Ubi Soft
Vivendi                                Microsoft

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